How much does it cost to book the hall and how many people does it hold?

If  you are hosting:

  • an eating event, we can comfortably accommodate 90 people, seated at tables of up to 10.
  • a meeting, demonstration, or small conference, we can set up to rows of chairs, up to 10 chairs across with a aisle in the middle for access.
  • If you are hosting an informal party, we can arrange seating around the sides of the room, and accommodate up to 90 people.

Note: the number of people allowed in the building are limited by our insurance policy.

How much does it cost to book the hall?

The cost for General Hire is £50 for the first 4 hours, then £10 per hour there after, up to a maximum of £80 for all day hire.

Note: a £50 refundable deposit is payable for children’s parties age 13 or over.

What equipment is available?

  • Kitchen:  a cooker, fridge, kettles, hot water boiler, microwave and cleaning equipment.
  • Bar area: optics, cooling tray and glassware.
  • Hall: tables (2 sizes), chairs
  • Other:  Wi-Fi and, on request, PA system.

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